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For seclusion you'll need to go where most people can't or won't go and that means you can't take the car.  The exception here are two private ferries, one out of Atlantic and the other out of Davis that deliver 4 wheel drive vehicles to Core Banks.   No ferries carrying vehicles run to Shackelford Banks.  

Transportation for people to the outerbanks islands that are not connected by bridge is available, but because not everyone is willing or able to take advantage of these services there are still some great spots off the beaten path.   Core Banks (home to Cape Lookout) and Shackelford Banks are two of these wonderfully secluded islands.  Several private transportation services that provide access for people to these islands run out of Beaufort and Harkers Island.   To make life even easier we've provided links and phone numbers to some of these services.

Transportation Services To Core and Shackelford Banks


Morris Marina and Ferry

Can transport your 4wd vehicle to Core Banks


Outer Banks Ferry Service

Shackelford Banks 

Island Ferry Adventures

Shackelford Banks 

Lookout Express

Cape Lookout (Core Banks)



Alger Willis Fish Camp and Ferry

Can transport your 4wd vehicle to Core Banks

Harkers Island

Calico Jacks Ferry Cape Lookout (Core Banks) (252) 728-3575
Harkers Island Fishing Center Cape Lookout (Core Banks) (252)728-3907
The Local Yokel Ferry and Tours Cape Lookout (Core Banks) (252) 278-2759
Sand Dollar Ferry    Cape Lookout (Core Banks) (252) 728-6181 or (800) 281-3978

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National Park Service at Cape Lookout

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