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This site does, of course, contain pictures of naked people. However, there is nothing to cause offence to even the most innocent of Internet users - just like naturism itself.


Get together Rules

  • Please, Please pick up after your self.  Nothing will draw more   unwanted attention from the Park Service than leaving trash behind 

  • Guys, if you are single, please try to get a date before you arrive at a get together.  Nudists clubs are not a good place to find  single women and you will be asked to leave if you hit on the members

  • Alcohol is is not banned but drunkenness is not acceptable. 

  • Taking pictures of anyone with out their permission is  not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Remember we want to have fun but we don't to be a spectaclee exist.   


OBX Nudist Club Tee Shirts

We've been asked a lot about tee shirts with the club emblem.  Ironic isn't it, a nudist club selling shirts.   I can honestly say I never imagined  that we'd be talking with a tee shirt printer. Well we are and here are the details.  We want a nice job so we're talking about a 6 color print.  The shirts will be Carolina blue( same color as the site background) with our emblem on the front. The emblem will be about 14 inches wide.  We will have to charge $15.00 for each tee shirt and since we're not a commercial site we don't have any way to take credit cards.  This offer is open to members and non-members.  To be honest we'd like to have some non-member support.  Send $15.00 for each tee shirt plus $ 2.95 per order for shipping to;   Tee Shirt, PO Box  1077, Fuquay-Varina NC  27526  If you send a check please make it out to OBX NC.    Please be sure to specify tee shirt size ( XL , L , M, S)  If you have any questions, email Us 




 Because of the nature of beaches on the outer banks and the isolation needs of a naturist /  nudist club the best beaches are beaches that can only be reached by boat Because most of these areas are controlled by the park service, which while not approving of naturist / nudist activities seems to be  taking a hands off attitude, caution is strongly urged. Please do not sunbathe in areas frequented by the more inhibited tourists.

 We  are not aware of a permanent naturist / nudist club or a naturist / nudist beach on the outer banks. This is partly due to the seasonal nature of beach activities and partly due to the prohibitive cost of obtaining an isolated but accessible beach property  If you have a solution to this dilemma please let us know about it


Skinny Dippin with my Sweetheart

We get a lot of email from people who plan to visit the outerbanks and just want to find a secluded spot so they can go skinny dippin with their sweetheart.  Well you don't have to join our little nudist club to get us to take up your cause.  Who knows if you enjoy your skinny dippin (dipping for those of you north of the Mason Dixon line) adventure enough you might just seek out a nudist club in your neck of the woods.  A lot if the information we provide on the Skinny Dippin Page assumes that you don't have a boat, but the maps and locations also work for those who have their own boat. 



Interesting  Links

On this page we have placed links to sites we hope will be useful or interesting to the nudist / naturist community  If you would like to have your site listed please contact [email protected]   we do not require a reciprocal link, but we do not link to sites with pop ups, or blind links



Nude Art

Nude Boating

Nude Literature

Nudist Clubs

Put a little art in your life
Besides, if you come to a nudist club to see models you will be sadly disappointed

Debenport Fine Art Photography
Nude Photo Index ( A listing of Artists Galleries )
Robert Farber Gallery 
Gary Gaugler Photo Galleries
Pete Guither's Gallery
Ronald Lee Hildebrand
Michael`s Studio
Nimslo Camera Images by Dan McCormack
Spencer Tunick  (Very much worth visiting)
Saelon`s Studio

Nudist Boating Links

Bare Bunns Nautical Naturist
BAREier Island Naturist
Naturist Sailor Magazine - Web Site

Nude Literature links


Naturist Journal- You may encounter nude news
Naturist Life International
Naturist Penpal Club
Nude Poetry Page
 The Nudist
Nudist / Naturist  Groups & Associations


American Nudist Homepage
Being and Nakedness
Castaways Nude Travel Destinations
Cheef's Nudist Naturist Place
Militant Naturist/Nudist Web Site
Naturist Action Committee
Naturist Resources forFamilies, Parents, and Educators
North  Carolina Naturists
Sunshine Nudist Club (not for families) 
TanPages Naturist Directory


Online Nudist Dating - free to register and share hundreds of thousands of nudists and naturists' experiences on nudist camps, nudist photos, nudist beach, nudist gallery, videos, nudist books and travel.


Why Nude Bathing is Better

The water feels better against your bare skin than a wet swimming suit.
You don't have to fight the waves to keep your swimming suit on.
Sea lice, or jellyfish larvae stings cause a painful, itchy rash. The sea lice sting when they get trapped between your suit and skin. The obvious conclusion is to reduce your swimwear to reduce the chances of getting stung.
When swimming nude, you won't get sand in your suit.
When you get out of the water, a swimming suit stays wet and feels bad
Sunbathing nude prevents those nasty tan lines and allows the entire body to benefit from the positive effects of the sun

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